Competition begins by 5pm on Tuesday 16th and ends Friday 19th of feburuary 2016.


Young talented singers from age 15-25


1.Share the stage with @gbengaadenuga at the IB City #WWGA & next three #WWGA concerts, one in ibadan two in Lagos
2.Cash prize of N100,000.
3.One track recording gift.
4.Face of winners will feature on all promotions materials for #WWGA Ib City from online banners to billboard


Social media based singing competition for young people, age 15-25, specifically the INSTAGRAM



1.You must not be less than 15 yrs old as at start date & you must still be 25 yrs old as at end date
2. Record your singing performance for at most 15 seconds
3.Singing must be without instrument or additional vocal backup.
4.Post recording on #Instagram , mention @SingWithGA , @WorshiptWithGA , @gbenagaadenuga use #SingWithGA
5.You will get a repost immediately on all three accounts @SingWithGA , @WorshiptWithGA , @gbenagaadenuga
6.Monitor activities and "likes" on all the three accounts @SingWithGA , @WorshiptWithGA , @gbenagaadenuga
7.Five entries with the highest combination of likes on the three accounts will be invited to perform @ the live pre-concert event
8.Live event is an open house competition with 50 invited guest voting to decide winner.
9.Only one winner will emerge at the live event.
10.Live event will be streamed live on the internet via

Thousands of young talented Nigerians desire to sing wholesome, ethical, inspirational songs. There is an urgent role models to guide the upcoming generation at this time when young people learn by what they see. Gbenga Adenuga's New Talent Hunt Platform is designed to jumpstart these young people in their singing career